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During college years you will have to complete multiple assignments. Some of them won’t influence your future and can be easily neglected, while others may determine whether you will get a diploma or not. All of such works require a thesis statement. It includes sentence or two, which explains why the audience should devote their time to reading your work. There are many reasons why this part of your written task is important:

  • It helps to engage the reader;
  • Gives an insight into the topic;
  • Attracts people, who may be interested in your research;
  • Shows your writing skills.

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What Is a Thesis Statement?

College papers can be a great headache and very often students experience difficulties right from the beginning. They don’t know what a thesis is, where to put it or what to include. Here are the things you should remember:

  • A thesis gives readers an explanation of what you are going to discuss and why the topic is important;
  • A good thesis is the map of your future paper. It gives your work a direction;
  • Your thesis should answer the main question. It is an interpretation of the question, not of the subject itself. For example:
    If you are writing an essay on a novel, in your thesis you need to provide a way to understand that novel;
  • You need to offer a disputable claim;
  • The structure of a thesis statement is simple: it is a sentence or two placed at the end of the first introductory paragraph. Other sections of your work (i.e., body paragraphs and conclusion) should be organized to support your thesis.

As you see, a thesis may greatly influence your grade, so if you don’t want to risk, turning to a thesis writing helper is a great option!

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Types of Thesis Statement

There are different types of statements, depending on which you need to choose a proper approach.

  1. First and the most popular one is an argumentative thesis. It states the topic of your assignment, clarifies your position and provides reasons why you have chosen a certain side. For example:
    Technology greatly influences our relationships, because it allows disconnecting from real people in the physical environment and doesn’t require the development of social skills, which are necessary to build relationships with people around us.
  2. There are also analytical theses, where you indicate what you have analyzed and what conclusions you have obtained. For example:
    Analysis of alternative methods to fossil fuel showed that the best solution is turning to wind and solar power.
  3. The third type is the expository thesis. It states your topic and provides information on the main aspects of the subject, which is going to be discussed. For example:
    Factors, which influence the success of students, include motivation, support of family members and time management.

If you are not sure what type of a thesis statement you need, it is better to opt for custom thesis writing. Professional writers will analyze your assignment and choose the best thesis type, answering a question in the best way.

How to Make a Strong Thesis Statement

If you want to write a thesis statement that catches attention and reflects the key features of your work, it is necessary to answer the following questions after reviewing the first draft:

  1. Did I answer the question? Academic papers always have the main question, so when evaluating your thesis it is necessary to understand whether you managed to answer it or not;
  2. Is my position debatable? If you have chosen the fact that no one could disagree with, most likely you were just providing a summary and not making a statement;
  3. Is my thesis specific? Too general theses usually don’t have powerful arguments. Try to clarify and provide more concrete details or explanations;
  4. Did my thesis manage to pass ‘So what?’ test. If the audience’s first response is ‘So what?’, you should reread your thesis and clarify it;
  5. Did I manage to support my thesis during an essay? If your thesis and arguments, discussed in the paper, do not interlink, you need to change them. They need to complement one another;
  6. Did my statement pass ‘How and why’ test? If the reader is asking these questions after reading your thesis, most likely you didn’t give specific information and enough details. Try to alter your statement to explain your position in a better way.

However, you shouldn’t panic if your thesis doesn’t meet the criteria mentioned above. You can always order a customized thesis paper!

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