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What is a Critical Essay?

Everything starts with a definition. A critical essay is a paper, which aims to analyze and evaluate a source text or other types of material (movie, picture, etc.). In most cases, such tasks are given, when there is a need to support or reject the argumentation of the author.

The main goal of writing a critical essay is to show the critical thinking and skills of a particular student. In addition, it aims to show how the writer is able to interpret the source text and the ideas it includes.

Moreover, very often this type of essay requires students to share their own vision of the topic. If the issue is too complex for the target audience to understand, the student may also be asked to explain what the source text is about. These essays are written in an academic style and should strictly follow the accepted formatting rules.

Some other goals of writing critically include:

  • Discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the source text;
  • Providing an evaluation of the author’s writing skills;
  • Analysis of argumentation: its relevance and truthfulness;
  • An objective review of the paper.

How to Write a Critical Essay?

When you write your essays, it is important to build them around strong analysis and argumentation. Unfortunately, not all students are able to work on a critical essay and even the most experienced can make common mistakes.

If you don’t know how to convey your points of view and to create an outstanding essay, follow our simple tips:

  1. Practice critical reading strategies. This means that you should be completely concentrated on the source text to be able to remember the key details and evidence. Trust us, learning this skill will greatly help you in the future and you’ll be able to read texts faster and to get all the necessary data without efforts;
  2. Find a critical literary essay example online. If you still don’t know how this type of writing looks like, are not sure what critical essay structure is and have troubles following the outline, it is always better to get familiar with samples online. Pay careful attention to the writing style and literary tools that the author has used. However, you are not allowed to copy someone’s ideas and even paraphrasing without citing is considered plagiarism;
  3. Your writing process should concentrate on your own interpretation of the source text, so it is important to avoid summarizing. If you see that there are massive descriptions of a person or a plot in your text, ask yourself whether they can be removed.

Example of Critical Essay

Example of a short critical essay on Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Have you ever wondered why Harry Potter series gained such popularity across the world? If you ask readers of the 90s generation to name books that influenced their youth, you will most likely hear ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Lord of The Ring’, while the last one is a bit darker and epic.

The first reason is that Harry Potter was the same age as the readers. It made him more interesting and appealing, more down to earth. Readers could imagine themselves being students at Hogwarts, studying, falling in love and fighting monsters.

Teenagers see themselves as a part of the story because Rowling manages to write about all stages of growth through the prism of the magician’s world.

Another reason is that the series remains intense and catchy throughout all of the books. Every chapter is filled with new events, twists, and turns, which link all the books together.

In addition, Harry Potter and his friends act as moral compasses. They make decisions based on friendship, family values, conscious and kindness. That is why readers across the world take the characters as examples, which is always a great way for a writer to grab the attention of the reader.

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